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In the bustling world of real estate in Islamabad, MSM Marketing Private Limited stands out as a beacon of excellence, driven by a diverse and dedicated team. Let’s delve into the intricate tapestry of roles that make up the backbone of our operations.

At the helm is Malik Shahid Ghaffar, our CEO, whose visionary leadership shapes the trajectory of MSM Marketing. With an extensive background in real estate, he guides the company towards innovation and excellence, setting the stage for success.

Raja Faisal, our Director, is the strategic mastermind behind our growth. His expertise is a driving force, ensuring MSM Marketing remains at the forefront of the competitive real estate landscape.

Humaira Noreen, our Manager, orchestrates the seamless functioning of various departments. Her keen organizational skills foster collaboration, creating an environment where efficiency and teamwork thrive.

In the realm of technology, Umar Tariq, our IT Professional, is the wizard behind the scenes. His proficiency with cutting-edge technologies propels MSM Marketing forward, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

Shaping our visual identity is Muhammad Dilshad, our Graphic Designer, whose artistic flair and attention to detail bring our marketing materials to life.

Hassan Saeed, our Admin & Senior Sales Executive, wears multiple hats, ensuring the smooth running of operations and driving sales success. His organizational skills and sales acumen are instrumental in client satisfaction.

Saad Malik, another Senior Sales Executive, adds a wealth of industry knowledge and a customer-centric approach to his role. His dedication to client success shines through in every interaction.

In the senior sales team, Hamza Tariq stands out for his client-focused approach and strategic thinking, consistently surpassing sales targets.

Asad Yousafzai, another Senior Sales Executive, excels in building and nurturing client relationships. His passion for real estate and commitment to client satisfaction contribute significantly to our market success.

Umair Malik, also a Senior Sales Executive, brings experience and a customer-first mindset. His expertise ensures clients receive top-notch service in navigating the real estate landscape.

In the realm of Sales Executives, Ahsan Malik, Junaid Khalid, Zain Khan, and Ali Baloch each bring their dedication and unique skills to the table, contributing to client acquisition and satisfaction.

Ensuring our financial health is Afrasiab Khan, our Senior Accountant, whose meticulous attention to financial details is integral to the company’s fiscal responsibility.

And as our first point of contact, Nighat Bibi, our Receptionist & Sales Executive, sets the tone with her welcoming demeanor and organizational skills.

At MSM Marketing Private Limited, this dynamic team is the driving force behind our success. Together, united by a common vision and fueled by passion, we continue to redefine real estate in Islamabad, offering unparalleled service and satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on new milestones in our journey of excellence.

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