Privacy Policy

MSM Marketing Private Limited respects and protects every single client and visitor’s every kind of information. This section explains how MSM Marketing obtains and protects its consumers’ personal and non-personal information. 

Data Collection Sources

Data is collected from clients and users for the proceeding of property transfers, payments, and official and legal purposes with the consumers’ permission and consent. Some information is obtained from walk-in visitors, online chats and calls where potential consumers drop by their details for MSM to provide them with the updates and knowledge pertaining to property and investment. Some records availed from a website or third-party might also be part of MSM Marketing clients’ details and database.   

Kind of Information Collected 

A client’s personal information may include their name, contact number, home address, property purchased/sold or their family and acquaintance’s photos and details. Information collected from a client or visitor at any stage whether it is personal, non-personal or any other kind of data is kept safe and confidential.

Personal Information Protection at MSM Marketing

MSM Marketing Private Limited as a registered legal property firm regulates under the laws and regulations of Pakistan. All the data protection acts and cyber security laws are strictly followed for the highest safety and protection of MSM consumers. MSM Marketing ensures that our clients and visitors data is protected under The Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 (PDP Bill), and all the laws falling in the personal information protection category. Enforcing all laws in our work ethics, we keep your personal information, shared inside our office, outside in the field, online on our website or anywhere else, safe and do not disclose to others. Every individual’s any kind of information is handled with care and safety.

Data and Personal Information Usage

We might use personal information of our users to improve and enhance our services and experiences. This may require to use some clients’ feedback, personal information and some statistics and figures overall. However, it would not need to disclose a person’s name or data anywhere. If needed so, the person will be asked for their consent and permission to disclose their name or information. Without someone’s permission, no personal information shall be revealed anywhere in time.  

Data Deletion Process:

If a client doesn’t wish to have their name and details with MSM Marketing can get it deleted anytime. He/she will need to request for deletion of their personal information and all records. It can be done via MSM website dropping a message with the deletion request on, OR sending an email on any of these emails, The client can also visit MSM head office in Faisal Town Rawalpindi to get the data removed. If unable to visit our office, one can try talking on a call to the respective department dialing 051-5968265.

Happy and Safe Data Policies

You and your data, both are kept at ease and safeguarded at MSM Marketing Private Limited. 

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