Highlights from the Faisal Hills Champions League Tournament

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Faisal Hills Champions League cricket tournament, organized by Imran Khan, CEO of Trend Associates and sponsored by Tanveer Associates, took place on March 9, 2024, in Faisal Hills. The event was highly anticipated and turned out to be a top-notch affair of the day. Tanveer Associates, led by CEO Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah, along with MSM Marketing, sponsored the event, adding to its excitement.

The tournament showcased thrilling matches, with one of the standout teams being the MSM Stallions, representing MSM Marketing. Players from various cities exhibited exceptional skills, making the day full of mesmerizing performances. The event gained even more momentum when respected figures like Sir Ch. Abdul Majeed, accompanied by senior management and realtors, graced the occasion. They interacted with players, even played a ball on the pitch, and presented shields of honor.

Ch. Abdul Majeed generously awarded a cash prize of 100,000 PKR to the winning team and 50,000 PKR to the runner-up team. As the night progressed, the excitement didn’t wane, culminating in the final match between MSM Stallions and the Brick Mansion team, where the latter emerged victorious.

The prizes were distributed by notable figures such as GM Operations of Faisal Town, Sir Muhammad Javed Ch., and CEO of MSM Marketing, Malik Shahid Ghaffar. They awarded cash prizes to the winning and runner-up teams, as well as to the best performers of the tournament. In addition to the previously announced cash prizes by Ch. Abdul Majeed, further cash awards were given to the teams by Sir Ch. Javed Sahab.

Malik Shahid Ghaffar, on behalf of MSM Marketing, presented additional cash prizes to the Man of the Match, Man of the Series, and the Commentator. The event not only showcased the passion for cricket by MSM Marketing but also left an indelible mark, promising similar excitement in the future. Overall, the tournament was a memorable cricket extravaganza filled with excitement and fun for all involved.

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